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Recent budget issues have forced cutbacks in local recycling programs and eliminated some other programs. As a result, Michigan residents are sending more and more recyclable products to landfills. When an item ends up in a landfill, its value ceases. But an item that's recycled continues to create new products and more jobs and saves valuable natural resources. JOIN NOW!

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Michigan's recycling rate of 20% continues to be the lowest among our neighboring Great Lakes States. Increasing our recycling rate to even the average of our Great Lakes neighbors (31%) would create more than 10,000 new jobs and significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions.    >> More Information

Although bottle bills have proven effective in reducing beverage container roadside litter, any meaningful reduction in overall litter can only be accomplished through comprehensive
anti-litter efforts.    >> More Information

Comprehensive recycling is the answer to bringing
Michigan back to the forefront of sustainable, cost
effective recycling and resource management.   
 >> More Information


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