About Us

Welcome, and thank you for taking an interest in learning more about us.  The Michigan Recycling Partnership (MRP) is a coalition of businesses and organizations concerned about the lack of a comprehensive recycling policy in Michigan. Formed in 1989, the organization is committed to helping Michigan create a program that maximizes opportunities for recycling and minimizes waste for both consumers and businesses. 

Once a leader in recycling, Michigan has fallen dramatically behind other states. Michigan's current recycling rate of under 20 percent, is well behind our neighboring Great Lakes States' average of 31 percent, and ranks 28th among the 50 states. Increased recycling helps reduce our dependency on landfills while preserving our natural resources. Our beautiful state surrounded by fresh water, our land filled with lush forests, and our magnificent northern sand dunes are reason enough to support comprehensive recycling. We need to keep our state radiant and attractive.

Unfortunately recent budget issues have forced cutbacks in local recycling programs and eliminated some other programs. As a result, Michigan residents are sending more and more recyclable products to landfills. When an item ends up in a landfill, its value ceases. But an item that's recycled continues to create new products and more jobs. A recycled item also saves our valuable natural resources.  More jobs, new products and saving our natural resources- comprehensive recycling really is a win-win situation. 

MRP is a leader in promoting more options for recyclers and having more opportunities to recycle your household and business waste.  The time is now to become involved.   Please see Join Now and learn how to participate.

Michigan Recycling Partnership Board of Directors

Bonnie Bochniak Michigan Food & Beverage Association, Lansing, MI
Contact: Email: BBochniak@michbusiness.org  or Phone: 517-374-9128

Paul Condino – Associated Food & Petrolium Dealers, Farmington Hills, MI

Lee Scott – Coca-Cola Bottling Company, Lansing, MI

Linda Gobler – Michigan Grocers Association, Lansing, MI

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