Bottle Deposit

Do you want to take these containers back to your local grocery store?

Some folks are calling for expansion of Michigan's 10 cent bottle deposit law. They want it to include all milk, juice, water, tea, sport drink, and alcohol containers in one gallon size and under.

That means you'll pay an additional 10 cents for each of these items and be forced to haul the used containers back to your grocery store.  Retailers, handling millions of new containers of many different sizes and materials, will certainly need to increase prices to cover the additional labor and space costs. The containers will need to be carefully sorted so the many new types of plastic and other materials don't become comingled and make recycling difficult. Everyone will have to be diligent to make sure that the new returns don't cause food safety issues within the supermarket.

These potential deposit items are staples in your family's diet and your child's lunch box. You should not have to pay a higher price for these items, especially when many of these containers are already recyclable through local curbside and drop-off collection programs.

It's time that we increase recycling in Michigan, not prices. Adding more items to the bottle bill will increase recycling in Michigan by less than 1%, but cost consumers millions of dollars. Your money is better spent expanding recycling to more communities and more products.

If someone asks you to support expansion of the bottle bill, say "No, thank you. I'd rather see my community provide better recycling for all products."

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